The Workouts

Here they are: a master list of all of my #every48 workouts, newest workouts on top. If you do one, tweet the #every48 hashtag. Let’s make some noise.

(A note: I usually update this page weekly or so, but March and April have been insanely busy. So this page is being updated as I’m able…hope to have it all filled in soon! – NN)


13: SWIM – Triathlon class with the substitute coach from Australia who looks like an Olympian. I want to be her when I grow up. 60 minutes of distance intervals and form drills.

12: An unplanned REST DAY. I had a run planned, but work had other ideas. A 15-hour workday.

11: SWIM – Triathlon class. Speed intervals. 60 minutes.


9: LONG RUN – 18 miles! Best long run in quite some time, and longest distance of 2014. Six weeks to Boston!

8: REST – I gave a talk on getting started with fitness at the King County Library System’s Federal Way 320th branch at noon and hopefully inspired a whole new group of people to get active.

7: TEMPO RUN – The new 2014 7-mile personal best after it all hit the fan. One of my proudest workouts ever.

6: SWIM – Second day of tri swim class – Thursdays are our endurance swimming day. 60 minutes.

5: RUN (treadmill) – my kicking-and-screaming workout which I did NOT want to do, so I just told myself I had to stay on the treadmill for 60 minutes. By the end, I was running okay.

4: SWIM! First swim with my March triathlon training group. Speed session today. 60 minutes total.

3: TWO GYM CLASSES TODAY (I have some free passes expiring soon so I need to use ’em). At 6:15 a.m. I did a cross-training class at my gym, and at 5:45 p.m. I did a Pilates mat class, which was kind of cool. My first time trying a Pilates workout. Verdict: Cross-training is fine, but I liked the Pilates more.

2: RACE! First race of 2014 – the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K! Placed 25th of 350 women in my age group on a hilly, hilly course after five hours of sleep – badass!

1: REST and not enough sleep!


28: TEMPO RUN – 7.01 miles – set a personal best for 2014 on this course today!

27: BIKE at the gym – the usual 5/40/5 workout, with a little upper body and abs strength training afterwards.


25: BIKE at the gym – 5 minutes warmup, 40 minutes moderate pace (90 RPMs), 5 minutes cooldown.

24: RUN – 6.01 miles

23: REST/EASY HIKE to Baldwin Hills in L.A.

22: RUN – 7 miles in L.A. (I made a note in my workout journal that I felt tired when I got started, and then by the end, I was super-energetic!)


20: SPIN – An awesome 45-minute Flywheel class at the Larchmont location in L.A.

19: RUN – 6 miles in L.A.

18: REST/TRAVEL DAY – To L.A. for work and a writing seminar.

17: CROSS-TRAIN – Bike 45 minutes (5 warmup, 15 hard, 5 rest, 15 hard, 5 cooldown), plus 10 minutes upper-body strength training.

16: RUN – 90 minutes

15: ZUMBA! One-hour class plus about 15 minutes of run/walk on the treadmill (one mile at marathon goal pace plus warmup/cooldown).

14: RUN (about 2 miles – I was super-tired) plus a 20-minute workout DVD at home.

13: REST

12: “ZEN RUN“: 6.21 miles.

11: REST

10: CROSS-TRAIN – Bike at the gym. 50 minutes: 5 warmup, 40 at moderate pace (90-95 RPMs), 5 cooldown.

9: REST. We had a “snow day” in Seattle – a few of my supertough friends went out to run in it. But I did not.

8: RUN – tempo pace for 7 miles (that means one mile warmup, five miles comfortably fast, and one mile cooldown)

7: DVD! My first exercise DVD in who knows how long. I did the “Rev It Up Cardio” workout from Brett Hoebel’s RevAbs program. 45 minutes, of which about 35 was fairly strenuous. Not the run I really wanted to do, but it was cold outside and I was cooped up inside with work all day. I’ll make it up on the weekend.


5: RUN – Speed session on the treadmill. 7.0 miles total. 2 x 1200 meters and 4 x 800 meters at fast tempo pace, with 2 minute walk breaks between repeats, and 10-minute warmup and cooldown.


3: RUN – This was meant to be a BTN workout but came out surprisingly strong – 6.01 miles at  an “easy” pace that was pretty good for this time of year.

2: REST DAY. Super  Bowl Sunday. I will cop to having been slightly nervous about the outcome. Until that opening snap. Well, no. Until Percy Harvin returned the second-half opening kickoff for a touchdown. So I didn’t get a planned workout in today and ate a little too much party food. Onward. And, needless to say, Go Hawks.

1: BIKE at the gym – 50 minutes. My usual: 5 minute warmup, 40 minutes at 90-95 RPMs at moderate pace/resistance, 5 minutes of cooldown.


31: REST DAY and a walk outdoors. Yum.

30: BIKRAM YOGA – a surprisingly intense 90-minute class

29: RUN – SPEED. Treadmill. 1-mile warmup, 3 x 1 mile at tempo pace with 3 minutes walking between each repeat, jog cooldown. 5.25 miles total.

28: X-TRAIN – BIKE. 50 minutes – 5 minutes warmup, 40 minutes @ 90 RPMs, moderate effort, 5 minutes cooldown.


26: LONG RUN – 14 miles. 6 miles to Seahawks HQ, 45 minutes hanging with the 12th Man and cheering the team buses before they left for Super Bowl 48, and 8 more miles after that.


24: RUN – Tempo. 7 miles total, middle 5 at tempo pace. Best tempo pace so far in 2014!

23: RUN – Speed session in the park. Warmup, 5 x 4:40 (about 1000 meters each) with about a 200-meter jog in between reps, cooldown.


21: BIKE – 55 minutes at the gym. 5 minute warmup, 45 minutes at about 95  RPMs (moderate resistance), 5 minute cooldown. Powered by my new music mix with lots of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Adele, Fall Out Boy and other fun stuff.

20: ACTIVE REST – 60 minute hot yoga class for a good stretch.

19: RUN – 6.4 miles easy pace (a stepback week from my usual long runs – I was way too pumped for the NFC Championship game to want to stay out running for more than that). #GoHawks!


17: RUN – my usual 7-mile tempo run (middle 5 miles at tempo pace).

16: SPIN CLASS – 7 a.m. – 60 minutes. Miraculously got up and to the gym in time for this one.


14: RUN – 5.3 miles with a speed ladder of approximately 1200 meters, 1000m, 800m, 600m and 400m, all with about 200m easy jogging in between, with a 20-minute warmup and a shorter cooldown jog.

13: ACTIVE REST DAY. I did a one-hour easy yoga class for some extra stretching.

12: RUN – easy long run – 10 miles.

11: REST DAY. And a well-deserved one at that. Go Hawks!

10: RUN – 7 miles outdoors (5 at tempo pace plus 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown)

9: YOGA – 1 hour hot yoga (fairly strenuous)

8: RUN – Treadmill – 4.5 miles total (warmup, 4 x 800 meters at fast tempo pace, cooldown)

6: RUN – easy long run – 8.34 miles

4: RUN – treadmill tempo run – 5.5 miles total (warmup, 3 x 1 mile at tempo, cooldown)

Portland waterfront, New Year's Day 2014

3: BIKE at gym – 50 minutes (5 warmup, 40 @ 90-100 RPM moderate effort, 5 cooldown)

1: RUN – 6 miles outdoors (Portland, Oregon waterfront while on vacation – photo at right taken afterwards on my way to watch the Rose Bowl. Go Big Ten!)

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