Meme Week Tuesday: What’s holding you back?

[ will be on hiatus this week while I’m cooking up some new content for the holiday season. This week I’ll feature a favorite “fitness meme of the week” post every day from the collection of memes on Enjoy – and then get out there and get your workout on.] What’s holding you back?…

Throwback Thursday: Where it all began, almost ten months ago

Sometimes, especially when I’ve had, say, a situation or two to solve on the previous day, or week (or worse: when it feels like everything is hitting the fan), I have a hard time remembering how much progress I’ve made in my health. That’s when I play the “One Year Ago” game. It’s pretty simple….

Fitness Meme of the Week: The only thing holding you back is you

With apologies for the PG-13 nature of this particular meme, I just had to share it today, because it’s seriously relevant for me right now. I thought it might ring a bell with you too, so here it is: Here’s the deal. We spend an astounding amount of time in life wanting to change things….

What’s Next? Finding new fitness goals after big achievements.

I love the fact that the Seahawks ended their post-Super Bowl locker room speeches with the cheer “1-2-3-What’s next!” It’s what I’m thinking about on this Thursday morning, three days removed from what I’m sure will go down as the most memorable race in my life. Keep calm and…take it easy. With still-tired legs, there…