Inspiration Found Here

This page offers up my favorite videos and other web resources, including articles and blogs, to get your creative juices flowing and start moving. If you’re feeling just down enough that you can’t muster the energy to get out there and start your workout, these links are guaranteed to help. I’m starting to put the newest links on top, to keep things fresh and fun. Contact me if you have more candidates for this page.

Best workout inspiration video ever:

On following the path your gifts are leading you to follow in life:

Two great talks under this headline now, thanks to a movie star and my writing mentor.

David Hochman is a journalist extraordinaire who has never forgotten the struggle of getting up each day to do “the work.” His TEDx talk from the 2014 Manhattan Beach (CA) event is A-plus.

And, if Jim Carrey ever finds his acting work drying up, I’m hiring him immediately to give this talk every day to everyone I love. This is the best, warmest, most compassionate, most alive talk I’ve ever seen on the importance of following the path your talents and gifts are leading you to follow – and on not taking the safe path, because you can fail at something you don’t even like to do:

On the benefits of walking meetings (and walking in general):

Nilofer Merchant’s TED Talk on 5 surprising thinkers who swore by “walking meetings”

A Stanford study that finds walking increases creativity

And from GeekWire: why you should walk, not sit, for your next meeting.


On dealing with tragedy:

Speaker Matt Weinstein on “What Bernie Madoff couldn’t steal from me.” Great perspective on what’s really important in life.


On what we’re supposed to be doing with our gifts:

The singing nun on the Italian edition of The Voice. Watch it with subtitles to see what she tells the judges about what we are supposed to do with the gifts we are given in life.


On overcoming the “impostor syndrome” (BIG reveal in this wonderful, wonderful talk):

Amy Cuddy’s stunning TED talk on power posing and overcoming the impostor syndrome. Best 20 minutes of your life coming up – just click the link below.

Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk.


On looking at the world in a hilarious way:

The awesome Tig Notaro story about Taylor Dayne. I dare you to watch this video and to not be in an awesome mood afterwards.


On getting up the courage to try new and scary-seeming things:

A little girl’s first big ski jump. I love this. First apprehension, then going for it, then…well, you have to watch. It’s embedded in the Purple Clover site – follow the link below.

Little Girl’s First Ski Jump


On doing the very things other people told you that you couldn’t do:

The Derrick Coleman Duracell ad. If you’re not a Seahawks fan before you see this, you will be in exactly one minute.

And if that’s not enough, check out what happens when Coleman meets two of his youngest fans who happen to have something pretty important in common with him.


On losing a bunch of weight and finding a new life:

Ben Does Life. A 120-Pound Journey to the Ironman.


On doing what seems impossible, just by putting one foot in front of the other…for decades:

The Ironman Triathlon with the legendary Dick and Rick Hoyt.


On simple ideas that are just fabulous:

Free exercise in the Swedish subway system, thanks to Volkswagen.


On the healing power of music – in some very surprising places:

An orchestral flash mob.

Great performance by Perpetuum Jazzile – “Africa” by Toto. Unusually moving.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ January 2014 NFC Championship halftime concert.

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