We’re baaaa—aaaack! And with a new team member in tow.

Okay. Guilty as charged. Right in the middle of the holiday season last year when you were anxiously awaiting the next installment of the 12 Gifts of Fitness, Every48 sorta kinda dropped off the map.

It was temporary. And it was, in the end, for a very, very good reason.

I was suddenly unbelievably exhausted – like, needing to take multiple two-hour naps every single day. Utterly unable to string together 60 minutes of exercise at once, or some days, even half that amount. My eyelids were droopy, my energy was zero, and to top off all the weirdness, I was suddenly completely grossed out by, of all things, coffee. And I’m part Italian. I spent December 2014 eating Cheerios and saltine crackers.

Here’s why:

Nicole_22 weeks 4 days

Yup. After five years and four months of living life happily and healthfully at a healthy weight, my body decided it was time to add another team member to the Wellness Playbook/Every48 squad. On social media we call him Baby Bear, and he was born in July. (Gratuitous adorable baby photos to follow in future posts.) Finally, almost 13 weeks later, I’m ready to get back into the game, blogging at Every48, and working on the last 22 of the 42 pounds I gained during the pregnancy so that I can be race-ready for a certain awesome marathon next April in Boston. I ran two miles last Monday evening at the gym at 11:30 pace. And it felt AWESOME. I’m ready for more!

You’ll be a part of this journey as I share the details of what it’s like to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and then gain weight for an entirely different, super-healthy reason and then take it off again. You might see a few more resources here and there for women in my position: wanting to get fit for our children and recovering from labor and delivery in the process. Along the way, Every48 will be updated weekly, not daily, as time is of the essence these days. (Ask anyone who cares for a kid how many free minutes you get per day when said kid is not (1) hungry, (2) poopy, (3) drooly, (4) sneezy, or (5) just wants to cuddle and play. I rest my case.)

Welcome back to Every48. Look for an update in this space every Tuesday at 10 a.m. U.S. Pacific time. Great to be back!

Current Every48 workouts: I strapped on my FitBit three weeks after Baby Bear made his appearance and finally have hit a little bit of a groove with walking and other light daily activities. There have been a few spin classes in there as well. I’m looking forward to getting back to the Every48 lifestyle: 60 minutes of activity, vigorous whenever possible, every other day of my life.

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