Meme Week Monday: Where strength really comes from.

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Where Strength Really Comes From

[Originally published August 15, 2014.]

How do we get strong? We challenge ourselves to do things we didn’t think we could do.

Yes, yes, and yes. Thanks to TK for a great meme (and a super collection of top 10 fitness memes at TK)
Yes, yes, and yes. Thanks to ClubSolutions for a great meme (and a super collection of top 10 fitness memes here.)

Strength really is a metaphor, isn’t it? There’s actual physical strength, of course, which we build by trying to lift a slightly bigger weight, slightly more than we did before…and watching our bodies adapt. There’s the kind of mental strength that comes from overcoming our challenges (and absolutely everybody has them, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently). No matter what a person’s current station in life, do not for one second believe that they either (1) have never had to overcome challenges to get where they are, or (2) no longer have any troubles. Ha and ha. Or as a really wise friend told me a very long time ago: “Never compare your insides to somebody else’s outsides.”

More on strength: There’s the strength that comes from deciding exactly what we want in our lives and going for it in a way that honors everyone on the path. Integrity, honesty, and purpose are big-deal parts of that journey. There’s strength in making the decision to move towards a bigger and better life by getting healthy – and staying that way in the face of life’s inevitable waves. (And, oh please, there’s so much strength in asking for help if you need it. My collective generation cried this week – our Robin Williams memories go back to Mork from Ork.)

So, what will you do today to be strong? Decide. Then go do it.

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