Tuesday Workout of the Week: Doc says “Run.” Patient listens.

Thank heaven for physical therapists. It’s their job to stop us from getting ourselves more injured than we already are when we’ve gone and done something silly, such as taking a massive fall and straining just about every muscle in our shoulder as a result. (Also, getting awesome bruises all up and down our shins. If I was 10, I would think my lower legs looked really, really cool this week.)

Today's headline: Physical therapist says "Run." Patient listens. (Image courtesy of chrisroll at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)
Today’s headline: Physical therapist says “Run.” Patient listens. (Image courtesy of chrisroll at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

But it’s also a PT’s job to tell us when we’re protecting ourselves a little too much. When is it time to get back to (exercise) business? When the PT says so. And so it was last Friday, when mine said: you did not tear your rotator cuff. You’ll be back to full range of motion soon. You have to use your arm now, as normally as you can. And, yes, you can run.

Yes. You can run.

These are beautiful words.

So, one of my running buddies and I set out on a drizzly but otherwise tolerable Sunday morning to eke out a 20-miler. I had no idea how my shoulder would hold up. Would it bounce? Would I fall again? Would I just be extra-tired from having protected it so much over the last two weeks?

In the end, it was all fine. There were a few walking breaks in the last four miles of the run, but we did it. And that was a great, great accomplishment, considering that when I hit the pavement two and a half weeks ago, I really did think my running season might be over, right then and there.

There’s something really amazing about the resilience of the human body. As long as we take care of it, it really does want to take care of us. That’s why it’s so very important to actually, you know, take good care of ourselves. Our bodies want to help us. I’m completely convinced of this. And when we eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, and take care of our relationships, it makes all of those taking-care-of-ourselves things that much easier.

So the Workout of the Week is this: When the PT tells you to run, just go out and run. You won’t fall again. You won’t bounce your shoulder around in your socket. You’ll just run 20 miles, have a celebratory coffee with your running buddy, and then come home to watch the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers (we’re a dual-team family) have a great day at the office.

Yesterday’s Every48 workout: A lovely REST DAY (with, let’s face it, a ton of sore muscles after Sunday’s 20-mile run).

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