Monday “What Went Well”: The October stats report, finally.

The National Institutes of Health tells us that simply writing down what we eat leads to weight loss, because we become naturally more attuned to what we’re eating and we tend to eat less overall. (Medline Plus, an NIH website, has a nice article: “Eating Habits and Behaviors,” that gives practical advice for becoming more aware of what we’re eating and discerning patterns that might benefit from a little tweaking here and there.)

My theory: Whatever you want to accomplish, write about it. Especially if others are seeing it. It will keep you going. (Image courtesy of tungphoto at
My theory: Whatever you want to accomplish, write about it. Especially if others are seeing it. It will keep you going. (Image courtesy of tungphoto at

Now that we’re a week into November 2014 – ten months after this blog began – I can tell you confidently that when you blog about your exercise habits, they are going to improve. That’s all there is to it. It has been a ten-month period of far more consistent exercise than I’ve probably ever done in my life, and the results are starting to really show up.

By “show up,” I’m not talking vanity. Yes, I’m at a size that feels right for my body type, height, and build. That’s all good. But the results that really get me jazzed about what the true value of exercise is are things like: being able to run 20 miles with a friend after two weeks off because of the silly shoulder injury and netting out at sub-10-minute pace (full report tomorrow). Really getting excited about an indoor cycling workout because I know I’m going to feel better getting off the bike after that hour than I did before I got on it. Having way more positive energy than ever before, and letting that energy guide the way to better and better decisions for my business this year.

Takeaway: Exercise has made this year a game-changer. I like that.

Now, the October stats report:

  • Number of workouts: 15
  • Types of workouts: Running (8), Yoga (1), Indoor Cycling (4), Cross-Train mix (running/elliptical) (1), Long Long Walk (1)
  • Miles run: 53.23

Overall: There were some breaks in my “every 48” promise this month due to a bad cold at the beginning of the month that included fun things like massive amounts of coughing, so I took time away from running to get better; and of course, the silly shoulder injury at month’s end. But overall, I still averaged a workout every other day in 31-day September, so that’s a big win. The tough part is that eight runs, with less than 54 miles covered, does not make Nicole ready for a marathon in a few short weeks. November will have to be a little sharper, or else I’ll roll back my expectations and run my upcoming race a little less aggressively. We’ll see.

And the October 2014 stats for the blog:

  • Unique visitors: 480 (second-highest month of the year)
  • Views: 684 (third-highest month of the year)
  • Countries visiting the blog this year: 84 (yowza!). Of those, visitors from 60 countries hung around for more than one page view, too. 🙂

So, we’re moving along. Are you? Have you tried writing about your health habits and letting others know what you’re doing? I don’t quite understand the writing-brain connection that makes us get better at something just by writing it down and tracking it. But I’m going to keep doing it, because right now, it’s working. I invite you to try it out too and see if it helps you as well.

Recent Every48 workouts: On Saturday, a great one-hour BIKE at the gym while listening to snappy music. On Sunday – POW! – back to marathoning business with a 20-mile RUN with a dear friend. And lots of foam roller stretching during the Seahawks game afterwards. And a Starbucks mocha (my usual post-long-run treat). Yum.

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