Fitness Meme of the Week: Earn Your Rest

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10_24_14_Rest That Is Earned Meme

This is a trap I fall into once in a while…giving myself permission to take “rest days” I haven’t really earned, because I haven’t really been kicking my butt in my workouts. Rest days are there to help our bodies regenerate and grow, AFTER we’ve given them the stress of a hard, sweaty workout. That’s when we build all those new capillaries and our muscle fibers repair themselves and grow stronger in the process. Rest is a very necessary part of the fitness equation. It just works best when we use it the right way.

Happy Friday and best wishes for a hard, sweaty workout today – or a rest day, if that’s in your plan. See you next week.

Yesterday’s Every48 workout: A solid TREADMILL RUN (it was raining and I just don’t like running in cold rain when I can avoid it). A one-mile warmup, followed by three 800-meter repeats at fast tempo pace, followed by about two miles at my goal marathon pace, followed by a quick cool down and stretch. Total of 5.75 miles.

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  1. sayyestorest says:

    We totally agree that rest days should be earned and shouldn’t be used as an excuse for laziness. There are a myriad of benefits associated with taking some well-deserved time off in the form of a rest day. If you don’t get enough risk, you’re at risk of overtraining and injury. It is a common misconception amongst society that it is ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to exercising but obviously this is not the case. The benefits of having a rest day are not properly known nor are the risks associated with overtraining.

    Please check out our blog dedicated to the benefits of rest and recovery We’re also on Facebook: and Twitter:


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