Wednesday Nostalgia: If you wait for perfect…

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re now clearly into the fall season in Seattle, when it’s completely dark outside when I wake up. But something is making me awfully nostalgic for the winter last year when I started the Every48 blog.

What I wanted to do with this blog was to be accountable to myself for staying active at least once every 48 hours of the year. Simple stuff. And as the year begins to feel like it’s winding its way into the holiday season, it’s a great time to revisit some of those earliest thoughts from January on what makes me get out there.

This repost is especially poignant today because I’m in a new place, professionally speaking, from where I was a year ago. Moving ahead now means being ultra-focused every day, and that means sometimes making decisions before they’re “perfect” (whatever that means). It means having the knowledge and confidence to just move ahead. It works in fitness, and it works in life.

If you wait for perfect

[Originally published on January 24, 2014]

It’s Friday Meme Day at Every48 – my chance to bring you the best of the week’s exercise-related memes from my Facebook feed.

if you wait for perfect

And here we are with today’s entry.

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

Do you have a mantra, a saying, or just a word that gets you going for your #every48 workout? I’d love to hear about them and maybe even do a graphic mashup of them for a future post. Email, Facebook, or tweet them to me and I’ll put them all together for a future post on how our minds shape our destinies. Because, as the Seattle Seahawks have so aptly shown us this week, they do.

We become what we think we can become.

And we act on our thoughts. Once you believe in something, you act in a way that will make that happen.

Part of my work involves working with people who are dedicating themselves to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Sometimes I’ll  have a conversation with someone at the start of that journey who will identify a physical limitation they believe will keep them from being able to attain their goal. Whether it’s a past injury, surgery, an issue regarding the person’s age or gender, or whatever the perceived limitation is, invariably it’s something the person has no control over changing. Yet they focus on that, instead of focusing on what they are in control of: how much they eat, the quality of those meals, and the amount of time they spend exercising strenuously during any given week. Here’s what I tell them:

“I completely understand that you have a physical limitation that you have no control over. By the way, did you know that Russell Wilson is too short to be an NFL quarterback?”

This story would have worked better if I had told it to you in September of 2012 instead of today. We saw Wilson play live at Wisconsin before this whole crazy Super-Bowl-in-his-second-year thing happened (Madison, Wisconsin is my husband’s hometown, and we happened to catch the Wisconsin-UNLV game, Wilson’s first with the Badgers, at Camp Randall Stadium in September 2011).

But believe it or not, there really was a time when very few people in Seattle really understood what was going on at quarterback for the Seahawks when Wilson was drafted. It took a while for everyone else – the coaches, the scouts, the fans – to see the thing that Wilson saw very early on. He couldn’t control his height.

But he could control just about everything else.

His attitude. His discipline. His self-care routine. His nutrition. His practice habits. His film time. Everything else besides the fact that he was under 5’11” was under his control. I don’t think he walks around wishing he was 6’5″. I think there’s a good chance that he walks around thinking about how to see that passing lane a little better…or how to sense a blitz coming faster…or what to do when it’s 4th-and-7 and if you can get the other team to commit an offside penalty by using a double count, you’ve got a free play, so why not tell your receivers to run vertical routes and throw it to the end zone?

Perfect will never happen. Get out there and do what you can do today anyway. And send me your workout mantras for a future awesome exercise-themed meme.

[And back to real time: October 22, 2014}

Yesterday’s Every48 workout: A much-deserved REST DAY after a Sunday long run and a Monday spin class.

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