Monday “What Went Well”: I didn’t exercise “once every 48 hours last week.”

I didn’t exercise “once every 48 hours” last week, and it was okay.

Last week was thoughtful, contemplative...and less active than I usually want. And it was okay. (Image courtesy of graur codrin at
Last week was thoughtful, contemplative…and less active than I usually want. And it was okay. (Image courtesy of graur codrin at

Yes, you read that right. Last week was a real humdinger of a week if you’d made a promise to yourself to exercise relatively vigorously at least once every 48 hours of 2014, because that just didn’t quite happen. There were a couple of really nice workouts (a great, “I’m ba-aaack!” track workout with my running team, and another run too) and also some very beautiful and contemplative walks, but not a lot of aerobic rigor. And somehow, it was okay. Sometimes our bodies really do say, hey, it’s time for just a little change of pace for a few days.

Changes of pace in our health lives sometimes comes with changes in the seasons. My community garden where I grow vegetables for my family and for a local food bank is starting to wind down from the summer season (otherwise known as the season of many tomatoes – we had a warm year in Seattle this year). There are a couple of zucchini hanging around that I’ll harvest this week. There’s one more head of cabbage. There’s a lovely bunch of Japanese eggplant – that was a fun new crop to try this year. And there is a ton of kale, which I can over-winter if I want (that is, keep it in the ground and harvest it even in colder weather – it’s a hardy leaf, that kale).

The seasons are changing.

And this week, for reasons I’m still working on figuring out, my body just wanted to rest. So there were walks where I normally have spin classes or weight-training sessions. Two runs instead of three. A thoughtful and lovely weekend with my husband where we happened upon a film festival in the town we were staying in and wound up watching an outdoor showing of the classic children’s movie “The Black Stallion” with half the town, all of us sitting on hay bales in front of a giant inflatable screen. (Seattle people: check out the Port Townsend Film Festival next year. It is grand.)

On Saturday, I thought of my friend who passed away two weeks ago. His memorial service was being held that day in Houston. I thought of how life really is about moments: the zany iHop trip he and I took at zero dark thirty after filing stories after a Houston Rockets game six or seven years ago, the press conferences and deadlines and looking for sources for stories. A world I used to live in 24/7, and my buddy was part of that scene. We loved the game.

On that note, I had a stunningly open and moving conversation with a friend who was deeply affected in a very personal way by the events last week regarding abuse in the NFL. We talked, we hugged, we processed what was going on. Many people, I suspect, had flashbacks to their own experiences as they heard about how tone-deaf our professional sports leagues have been to the topic of family abuse. Covering pro sports as a full-time profession isn’t in my wheelhouse anymore, but I’m insanely proud of the journalists who are asking the hard questions. This is how our world changes for the better.

But I do still love the game. We watched the Seahawks win a nail-biter of a game against the Denver Broncos. (And yes, I am officially on record as wanting the NFL’s overtime rules to change. Even though my team won, I think both teams need to have at least one possession in overtime. I’m just saying.)

So, what went well last week? Paying attention, moving a little slower, letting the beginning of the change of seasons wash over us. Yes, there was movement. Yes, there was exercise. Just a little less of it than I plan for each week of the year, and in retrospect, that may have been just what my body needed.

It has been a contemplative week. We need those sometimes.

Today, I’ll get back out there and get my workout on. It is Monday, the start of a great week. All we have are moments. What will you do with yours today?

Recent #Every48 workouts: Just a whole bunch of WALKING over the last few days.

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