Monday “What Went Well”: I ran again…and it was okay!

What went well last week? I’m going to cheat and give you a scene from Sunday morning (yesterday)…because…drum roll please…I ran again, after a month of complete rest for my knee, and it was okay.

You heard that right: I ran, and it was okay!

It's official: running is my favorite activity ever. Even better when I can do it with my hubby. (Image courtesy of phanlop88 at
It’s official: running is my favorite activity ever. Even better when I can do it with my hubby. (Image courtesy of phanlop88 at

It wasn’t a lot of running – hubby and I went to the downtown park where we live, which has a half-mile circular walking path surrounding a lovely fountain and green space (where there was a “Yogathon” going on at the same time we were there – how cool). We walked for a bit…and then I picked out a landmark ahead of us and ran very gently to it, then turned around and ran back to my hubby (who kept walking ahead, so it was really not a ton of distance I was covering).

This was just about testing the water, trusting that the exercises I’ve been doing to wake up “lazy quadriceps” – which I absolutely think should be an official clinical diagnosis, because it’s awesomely descriptive and really helped me to understand exactly what happened with my knee this year. If we don’t use our muscles, we lose ’em – even the ones we think are strong, if we don’t regularly pay attention to them and strengthen them in the right ways for the long haul. That means making them “wake up” with the simple isometric exercises that a physical therapist will prescribe when your knee feels a little funny but has completely full range of motion and just about no pain during regular daily activities. That was me.

And yesterday, I was able to do just a little bit of running, absolutely pain free. It was awesome.

So the moral of this particular “What Went Well” report is this: Do your exercises. Take care of yourself. When a health professional tells you to take some time for exercises that are meant to heal you for the long haul, listen to them.

Yay, again. So excited to start building up my running again. Slowly, of course. Have a great Monday and get your workout on!

Recent #Every48 workouts: On Friday, I got in a BIKE ride at the gym – 50 minutes total: 5 easy minutes, 15 harder, 5 easy, 15 harder, 10 easy. That was enough for that particular day (I didn’t get to the gym until much later than I should have). Sunday, there was that glorious WALK/RUN in the park. We didn’t cover tons of distance – two miles or so – but it was awesome to finally run again. And we did more walking later in the day too. Great day all around.

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