Fitness Meme of the Week: The only thing holding you back is you

With apologies for the PG-13 nature of this particular meme, I just had to share it today, because it’s seriously relevant for me right now. I thought it might ring a bell with you too, so here it is:

Pardon the PG-13 rating on this meme, but today, it just spoke to me. (Thanks to for this one!)
Pardon the PG-13 rating on this meme, but today, it just spoke to me. (Thanks to for this one!)

Here’s the deal. We spend an astounding amount of time in life wanting to change things. And a lot of that time might even be spent doing things that we think are going to have the desired result, and then spinning our wheels when we don’t get what we wanted. So we give up.

Last night I hit a work milestone that I had dreamed of hitting for years. And it only happened because I cut out the excuses and got to work in a very focused, detailed way, with a very specific deadline in mind. I knew that on July 31, 2014,  a very large portion of the work I was dreaming of was going to be completed. And it was.

Where will it land in the world? I have no idea (and yes, I’ll tell you tons more as I’m able to do so…it’s a good ‘un, I hope). But what’s important is that I finally, finally honored the vision of getting out of our own way, stopping the wheel-spinning, and focusing entirely on the things that are most likely to lead to success.

Have a great workout and a great weekend. See you next week.

Yesterday’s #Every48 workout: A BIKE ride at the gym – my normal 5-15-5-15-5 workout with 5 easy minutes interspersed between two 15-minute badass riding sessions of 80-90 RPMs with very decent resistance. Yay. On top of the work win.

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