Monday: What Went Well – I Survived the Big Fat Italian Wedding

I love this film. A ton of laughs...and "Yup, the Italians do that, too" moments.
I love this film. A ton of laughs…and “Yup, the Italians do that, too” moments.

You know My Big Fat Greek Wedding, right? The very fun 2002 Nia Vardalos film about, well, getting very married when you’re very, very Greek?

I’m here to report that the Italians are exactly the same as the Greeks. Or, to put it more succinctly, the Italian-Americans are exactly the same as the Greek-Americans when it comes to putting on a super-duper party with a LOT of food involved. Those countries share a sea (the Adriatic), a love of sweet things (see: baklava, everything you can buy on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx) and a love of big, nutty families getting together to eat, eat, and eat some more, especially when there’s a celebration to be had.

So, what went well last week? I survived the Big Italian Wedding – my cousin’s lovely nuptials, to be exact, on the shores of Long Island Sound in New Rochelle, NY. And I walked a ton on the ensuing vacation in Maine and Boston with my hubby. And I ran on Memorial Drive in Cambridge on a super-hot day (just 2 miles, but I did it). And I notched a 6.8 mile runv on the last morning of my trip on Thursday before flying back to Seattle – yes! And weighed in within my goal range at Weight Watchers – that’s now four years, 11 months, and counting.

The other super thing that happened was that with all that exercise, I had time to think…and I came up with some great (I hope you’ll agree) content ideas for Every48 for the second half of 2014.

Until I decide otherwise, here’s what you can look forward to every week at Every48 going forward:

Monday – What Went Well. Looking at the week behind, and setting goals for the week ahead.

Tuesday – Workout of the Week (the “WOW”!). The new, cool, fun workout I tried – or an oldie-but-goodie that saved the day

Wednesday – Science Wednesday. A post on a timely study in exercise science and/or nutrition. What the folks who spend their lives studying us humans are saying these days about health and longevity (and whether I agree with them).

Thursday – Throwback Thursday. A reflection on where things used to be, or sometimes (especially during busy weeks) an oldie-but-goodie post that attracted lots of attention the first time around

Friday – Fitness Meme of the Week. You know the drill with this one.

What went well last week? I got in most of my planned workouts (including a fun Jillian Michaels workout when it was way too hot to go outdoors). I didn’t lose my cool when my flight back to Seattle went through a six-hour delay (including two hours on the tarmac, returning to the terminal, and bringing in a new crew – I called it the “accidental redeye” because, well, that’s what it was). And I got started in earnest with my fall marathon program.

This week I’ll be paying more attention to stretching, icing, and taking really good care of myself as I begin to ramp up my training again, because one of the riskiest times for new injuries to pop up is when we get back to being really active after a time of less intense movement.

Recent #Every48 workouts: Thursday – a great 6.8-mile run with some strategic walk breaks (preview of coming attractions: this will be tomorrow’s WOW feature). Friday was a rest day. Saturday I did an interval workout rowing at the gym: 30 minutes total. Sunday I ran just over 10.3 miles in an hour and 40 minutes in 70+ degree heat in the sun (not the 90 degree heat of the east coast, but trust me, it was plenty, plenty warm out there).

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