Weather Workout Challenge: Heat

Sun is fun. But when it's this hot, I leave the outdoor workouts to my friendly neighborhood camel and stay indoors with some "workaround" workouts. (Image courtesy of pakorn /
Sun is fun. But when it’s this hot, I leave the outdoor workouts to my friendly neighborhood camel and stay indoors with some “workaround” workouts. (Image courtesy of pakorn /

I was going to write more today on what went well in the first half of 2014 and what I’d like to improve on…but then I awoke to a 90-degree day (I’m still traveling on the east coast) and realized, ouch. Weather can be a major, major player in trying to get a workout in every 48 hours, especially when we’re traveling and might not have access to an indoor workout facility. So I’ll do the goal-setting for the second half of 2014 tomorrow.

Here are some tips for getting in that workout in hot weather – indoors or outdoors:

Scale it back. I went for a walk this morning in the hot sun and I’ll go for another one later this evening when it cools off a bit. The key thing is to keep moving – even if it’s not the super-strenuous effort you were dreaming of putting in when you planned your workout today.

Create an indoor gym. Fit by Nature is all about working out in the outdoors – but the basic concept of creating a gym wherever you are, no matter what materials or objects you have on hand, applies just as well to working out indoors, too. Stairs become a stair climber. A chair becomes a place to do tricep dips.

Travel with an indoor gym. Add an easy-to-pack resistance band to your indoor gym and you’ve just created a weighted whole-body workout. I really, really wish I had packed mine on this trip.

Put on music and dance (in your air-conditioned space…or, easy does it, outdoors – as long as you’re staying hydrated). Dancing counts as exercise. Big time. Just move.

Create go-to workouts that you can call on anytime. That could be as easy as two minutes of jumping jacks, followed by a minute of push-ups, followed by two minutes of squats, followed by a minute of burpees, followed by…you get the idea. Learn as many bodyweight-based calisthenic exercises as you can, so that you can create as many interesting combinations as you want. Keep it interesting.

07_08_14_NOAA Heat IndexAnd, here’s a good reminder of when to really scale back any type of strenuous outdoor workout when heat and humidity are an issue. Today it’s 90 degrees with 55 percent humidity where I am, for example, so if I were to run, it would only be with “extreme caution.” Naaaah. I can make it work indoors today.

Recent #Every48 workouts: A bunch of walking, mostly, with a good DAILY DOZEN yesterday that included 12 solid push-ups and 75 seconds of a toes-and-elbows plank. My goal by the time I’m ready for my October marathon is to be able to do 30 push-ups on my toes in one set, and a three-minute toes-and-elbows plank. I need to step up my “strenuous” workouts, though, so I’m taking my own advice today and bringing it indoors for a dance or calisthenic workout. We’ll see.

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