I forgot how fun dancing can be.

Once in a while I have one of those smote-my-forehead moments where I realize something that feels so simple, so straightforward, about living an active life that I had just forgotten. And then I somehow find my way back, and remember.

This week is about those moments.

This is “I forgot!” week at Every48. And I’ll start with a doozy.

Oops! I forgot how fun dancing could be, all by itself. (Image courtesy of farconville / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)
Oops! I forgot how fun dancing could be, all by itself. (Image courtesy of farconville / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Last Friday, I decided to do something I haven’t done in quite a while – I got to a one-hour Zumba class at my gym. On Friday nights this particular gym puts the Zumba class on a big basketball court with a raised stage and fancy lights and all kinds of bells and whistles, and there are probably at least one hundred of us out there twirling around to Latin rhythms.

Here’s the funny part: I showed up because I “had to get a workout in” for my every-48-hours promise to myself this year. Notice the judging tone of that sentence. “Had to.” “Get a workout in.”

How did I forget the word “fun”? Especially when it’s attached to the word “workout”? How did I forget that working out, in any way, is supposed to be fun?

I mean, come on. I like to say that life is a lot like Zumba: no matter how hard you try, you’re never going to get all the steps right every time – but nobody’s looking at you and nobody’s judging you, so just go with it and have fun. How I actually forgot the “fun” part when planning to get to this class is beyond me.

I forgot how fun just dancing could be. Forget about whatever silly metrics we have to use in distance running to determine the quality of our workouts: miles, mile paces, tempo paces, track repeats, blah blah blah. Training for a marathon can be a game of numbers. But dancing is not a game of numbers. Dancing is dancing! It’s just fun.

And that’s important, because this week begins another initiative at Every48. The coming weeks will also be about the next big push in my training…the buildup to my next marathon. After 16 of them, some good, some not so good, I’m motivated to put all the pieces into place this time around. There have really only been three good ones out of those 16 – races where I was focused enough to complete the majority of my workouts, to have that long-term committed view, and to just do the work. As I said on the night of Super Bowl 48:

So…what does all of that mean? It means my challenge to myself is going to be to keep the fun in everything I’m doing, even with a serious effort beckoning. Just make it fun. That is my promise to myself this week.

Now get out there and have fun in your workout today!

Recent #Every48 workouts: FRIDAY – a one-hour ZUMBA class at my gym. SATURDAY – my long(-ish) RUN, 8.6 miles in some pretty serious summer heat. Very warm and sunny day in Seattle.

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