Fitness Meme of the Week: Everybody is awesome.

Here’s the thought I wish to leave you with on this fine Friday the 13th as you settle in for World Cup madness:

This is true, no matter what. Keep telling yourself that, and then act as though you deserve the best treatment. (Meme courtesy of HS Memes)

That is all. There is no perfect. There is no finish line (at least, not until you reach the big finish line in the sky). There is no moment of “ah, I’ve got this now” (at least, not one that lasts for more than a few minutes…see the motivation post from earlier this week on needing to renew motivation daily).

There is just you, being awesome, and then treating yourself as though you actually believe you are awesome. And that means: good sleep, good meals, good workouts, good friends, good work, and good health.

You are awesome. See you on Monday.

Yesterday’s #Every48 workout: A REST DAY after my Wednesday track workout left me pretty darn sore.

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