The May Stats Report: Even keel.

Live life on an even keel, no matter what vessel you choose to live in. (Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /
Live life on an even keel, no matter what vessel you choose to live in. (Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /

There’s something to be said for holding steady on an even keel. Some months, we want to make a big push forward in our health, or in our career, or in another aspect of our life. And sometimes – especially after a month with a “big push” in it, we’re better off holding back a little, going a little more “slow and steady,” and just seeing where we’ve settled in for the time being.

even keel


  1. (nautical) The situation in which a watercraft is floating or proceeding in a level and smooth manner.
  2. (idiomatic, of emotions, etc.) The state or characteristic of being under control and balanced.
  3. (idiomatic, of a business or other activity) The state or characteristic of being well controlled and running smoothly.

April was a “big push” month in many ways: it’s the culmination of the first part of my training year with the Boston Marathon; and I’m sure because of the fact that I was writing quite a bit about the race in a month when it was going to generate a lot of traffic, just because of what this particular year represented, the number of visitors and page views was much higher than it had been in previous months. Now, in May, we’ve “settled in” to a consistent audience – and I took a breather from heavy-duty workouts as well. Here’s how Every48 – and my workout schedule – shaped up in May 2014:

The Blog Stats

Page views: 622
Increase since January 2014: 99%

Unique visitors: 274
Increase since January 2014: 75%

Countries from which readers arrived (May 2014): 22
Countries from which readers arrived (since the start of the blog in January 2014): 38

And my workouts this month:

Running – 5 (just 5! Clearly I needed a break)
Strength Training – 2
Cycling/Spinning – 1
Elliptical/Rowing/Other gym cardio – 1
Fast walking – 2
Yoga – 2
Swimming – 0

Total – 13 workouts (or, a bit less than one workout every other day)

So there’s the story of May 2014. (Side note: it took five weeks for me to weigh in at my personal goal weight this month, too. That’s been a part of the post-marathon letdown month as well these last few years, and it’s something I want to address more in the future so that I can maintain a healthy racing weight, or something close to it, all year round.)

This past month – May 2014 – is the reason I decided to write this blog, because I’ve always had a major decrease in activity after a big race, and this year I wanted to make sure I stayed active as often as I could, because the health benefits of regular, vigorous exercise are so profound and so clearly the most beneficial way to prevent the things that age us prematurely.

It’s not always about “increasing our numbers” from month to month – especially in May, which I think of as my “off-season” from serious training. And it’s not about trying to hold on to every single reader who happened to land here in April looking for Boston Marathon-related content, either. It’s about holding steady on an even keel, and knowing that as we hold steady, life will sort itself out. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, healthy meal by healthy meal, workout by workout. And reader by reader.

Thank you, as always, to the readers of this blog. Your emails, social media messages, and support are the reason that Every48 is here. Onward to a great June!

Recent #Every48 workouts: Last week – a RUN on Sunday 5/25, a WALK on Wednesday 5/28 (yup, didn’t get in my “every 48” there); a RUN on Thursday 5/29, a long long WALK on Friday 5/30 in Port Townsend with my hubby, and a REST DAY on Saturday 5/31 in preparation for a 10K race on June 1. Race report tomorrow…it’s a good ‘un!

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