Throwback Week: The Most Popular Post of 2014.

I ate badly yesterday, so I don’t want to exercise today. Ha ha ha.

Maybe it’s because this post was first published on January 16, so it’s been around for a few months now. Or, maybe it’s because it just hits on one of those universal truths about self-care: Inertia counts…in both directions. Here’s the deal: When we take care of ourselves, we want to keep on taking care of ourselves. And when it all hits the fan, we want to drown ourselves in bon-bons. Whatever the reason, it’s been the most popular post of the Every48 blog, hands down.

This post was written on a day when I first knew that a project I was working on – and putting my heart and soul into, because that’s the only way I know how to work – was starting to go haywire. And, yes, my first instinct was to “eat about it.” Which, of course, solved nothing. I’m proud that even though things really did go very haywire, my health did not go haywire. And that’s a really cool thing, five years into a forty-pound weight loss.

(Note to self, and public service announcement, all wrapped up in one parenthetical note here: Only work with people who share your values. Life is too short to do otherwise. We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.)

The actual blog entry starts here.

[Originally published January 16, 2014.]

There was a small chocolate and Trader Joe’s vanilla meringue incident at my writing desk yesterday afternoon.

You know what I’m talking about. Those incidents (and they are merely that, “incidents” as opposed to “epics” – an epic is when you decide to eat poorly for, say, a few months because you blew an afternoon) happen. (See image below. That is an epic.)


Food incidents happen once in a while. They just do. Even when you’re committed to taking care of yourself. Even when you’re committed to working out every 48 hours in 2014 because exercise is medicine. Even when you’re a weight-loss success story and your picture has been on the cover of a health magazine.

Yes, that’s me down there.

PNW Magazine 6-10-2012 Cover

The new and improved, 40-pounds-lighter me.

On the cover of a magazine dedicated to health and fitness. Three and a half years before this photo was taken, I weighed 40 pounds more and was basically miserable.

So I’m supposed to have this thing figured out. Right?

Well, I had a meal yesterday that consisted of chocolate and meringues at my desk anyway.

What to do? Should I (a) sleep it off and stay in my pajamas all morning, moping around while simultaneously writing my current project? (b) Coffee up and skip breakfast and lunch to “make up” for it? Or (c) get my buttinski out of bed early and on a spinning bike for a 7 a.m. class at my gym to get myself back in the game pronto, then come home to make a healthy breakfast of hot multigrain cereal with blueberries and a homemade vanilla latte with organic soy milk?

Latte art

Oh, that last choice sounds very first-world. But trust me, the homemade latte is way cheaper than the coffee shop variety, except that I can’t do the artwork.

So which do you think I chose?

Yes. This one.

SpinningSo there, chocolate and meringues! Today I will take a break when work feels stressful and go for a serious walk. And my “trigger foods” will not darken the doorstep of my home today. Promise.

Recent #Every48 workouts: [As of May 27, 2014 – we’re back in real time now.] Friday: CARDIO – 30 minutes rowing, 30 minutes cycling. Sunday: RUN – 47 minutes in Bremerton, WA during our Memorial Day weekend trip. And a lot of physical activity in general during the weekend as well.

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