Planning Workouts 101: What sounds like fun? Do that!

There’s an old saying out there about working out that goes something like this:

“The best workout is the one you’re actually going to do.”

This little guy looks like he's having fun. Have fun with your workouts, just like him. (Image courtesy of chrisroll /
This little guy looks like he’s having fun. Have fun with your workouts, just like him. (Image courtesy of chrisroll /

That means for my Zumba friends, it’s Zumba. Except when it’s hot yoga. Or a cross-training class. Or hiking in the woods with friends. And for my hiking friends, it’s hiking up to Camp Muir on Mount  Rainier’s south side. Except when it’s an outdoor fitness class. Or a snow-shoe expedition.

What sounds like fun? That’s a great way to figure out what you’re actually going to enjoy when it comes time to choosing the right workout for you. For me, sometimes it’s running (though, interestingly, not this month – after the Boston Marathon I tend to want to take a little time off from serious running, and May 2014 has been no exception). Sometimes it’s a weight-training routine where I pretty much move constantly the whole way through, with aerobic intervals mixed in between strength sets. Sometimes it’s a Bikram Yoga class (I like the hot yoga style – it’s a wonderful combination of strength and flexibility, two things I don’t get enough of most of the time).

If someone is having trouble thinking of activities that sound like fun, I usually ask them this: what did you do on the playground when you were 10? Organized sports? The jungle gym? Hula-hoops? The answer might give you some ideas for trying new things. (I did a bunch of team sports but none terribly successfully…but I did love tennis, and surprise! I still do today.)

You can even watch the Olympics – or imagine that you’re watching them, when we’re between Olympics – and consider which of the sports looks like the most fun to you. I thought figure skating was awesome around twenty years ago – and so I took just enough lessons to be able to skate around a rink, do a couple of very (very) small little jumps, and stop without killing myself. Who cared that I was an adult beginner? Not I! It really was great fun. (And, hmmm, now I’m wondering why I haven’t gone skating in quite a while…)

So for this Monday morning, the first day of Planning Workouts 101 week at Every48, ask yourself: what sounds like fun? Gymnastics classes? Latin dancing? Summer biathlon? Then, make a plan to get out there and try out that new thing.

Recent #Every48 workouts: It’s been a time of a lot of walking and being on my feet the last few days, but not a whole lot of actual strenuous exercise. Last week was, ahem, the last week that I’m using the Boston Marathon as an excuse for fatigue. It’s time to start planning my workouts much better (tomorrow’s blog topic) so that I can fit them in at the time of day when I’m most likely to actually do them.

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