Yesterday was not supposed to be a rest day. Today, we’re back in the saddle.

Yesterday was not supposed to be a rest day. But it was. And now it’s today, and it’s all good. At least, that’s what I’d like you to believe. In reality, of course, I’m bummed, because I made all kinds of interesting choices yesterday that didn’t support my long-term health goals.

Back in the saddle. (Image courtesy of metrue /
Back in the saddle. (Image courtesy of metrue /

Mostly, I just didn’t get in my workout. I could have done it in the morning, but I left the blog until the last minute. I could have done m workout in the afternoon, but I decided to stay in downtown Seattle and work from there after my Wednesday Rotary meeting. (I did get a bunch of work done, so that was good.) I could have done my workout in the evening, but I let the day get away from me and worked later than I expected. And topped the day off with a dinner that involved a few foods that tend to make me feel bloated and energy-poor the next day.


So today it’s “back in the saddle” day. (Appropriate since the Preakness is coming up on Saturday, right?) It’s time to just get right back to where we were earlier this week, when I had a great workout on Sunday and a lovely yoga class on Monday and felt like a million bucks going into Tuesday. Just because I’ve not exercised since Monday night (and it’s now Thursday morning), it doesn’t mean that all is lost. It just means…it’s time to get back in the saddle.

When I’m in the middle of training for a big race, my workouts get scheduled, and that’s often how they get done. They’re just there on the schedule. And hopefully, that schedule gives you some solid structure and discipline. When that schedule isn’t there, it’s just…harder.

So, that will be the next tool in the workout toolbox – putting together a schedule, maybe even a pretty big mondo schedule that looks out a couple of weeks or even a month into the future, to figure out what I need to do to succeed in getting my workouts in, even when I’m not in training for a biggie race. More dispatches from the front to come on this topic.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: No formal workout, even though I sort-of planned one in my head. I did spend a lot of time walking yesterday, but between the no-workout and the heavy-ish dinner I had, I woke up today feeling a little bit gross. Onward.

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