Workout nutrition: Keep it simple.

Sports nutrition is not rocket science. It's just good nutrition. (Image courtesy of supakitmod /
Sports nutrition is not rocket science. It’s just good nutrition. (Image courtesy of supakitmod /

A long time ago (well, in 2008)…in a galaxy far, far away (actually it was just Seattle – one city away from where I live today)…I had this idea that I had to eat really differently from regular people because I was “athletic.”

(There’s a bit of a comedy routine in that statement, by the way, because now that I actually am pretty athletic and active on a regular basis, I can confidently tell you that I was absolutely not in any way athletic on a regular basis in 2008. But I digress.)

I really did think “sports nutrition” was somehow different from “regular-people nutrition.”

And that kept me heavy for quite some time, because I eschewed the idea of following a reasonable, healthy nutrition plan that was designed for sustainable weight loss, because I didn’t think it would “work” for athletes. Whatever that means.

Then somebody told me about a Weight Watchers leader whose meetings were a 20-minute drive from my house, at the insane hour of 7 a.m. on Saturdays. And she was a triathlete.

A real live athlete who had success on a “reasonable, healthy nutrition plan that was designed for sustainable weight loss”! Zounds! A winner!

I would like to tell you that I woke up bright eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to go the following Saturday. But I didn’t. I kept “trying to do it myself,” thinking I could save money this way. (Side note: I would love to compare my grocery bills and medical bills back then with what they are today, now that I’m at a healthy weight. Save money, eh? What a mind mess I was in at that time in my life.)

But I did eventually get there. And here’s what I learned:

Sports nutrition is just regular nutrition. That’s all.

It really is. I eat a little more when I’m training, but it’s from the same general places: fresh fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy products sometimes, and yes, a solid treat now and again. (I have a once-a-month date with the lovely, all-natural, organic, locally-source ice cream parlor down the street from my house.)

What I learned was this: you don’t “get away” with eating a bunch of junk just because you’re active. On the contrary, you want your body to function well because you’re active – and the only way to do that is to eat really, really well. There’s a huge link between solid nutrition and the energy I bring to my workouts, my ability to sleep well and soundly, and my overall life contentedness quotient. Plus, I just love cooking new healthy meals and seeing them make their way into my meal repertoire.

That is all. Now get out there and get your workout on. And your healthy meals too.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: DAILY DOZEN – my 12 calisthenic exercises from Fit by Nature in the morning. I wanted to run but wound up just walking in the afternoon, to and from the local library (40 minutes total).

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