Yikes – now what?!? The first day back after a layoff, a big race, an injury, or LIFE.

This is how I keep track of my races for the year: a race number chain. I use safety pins to attach the numbers to each other. Fun to watch it grow through the year!
This is how I keep track of my races for the year: a race number chain. I use safety pins to attach the numbers to each other. Fun to watch it grow through the year!

Okay. So it’s Monday, April 28, and I am writing this post from my office in lovely downtown Bellevue, WA. I’m home, finally.

I flew back from the east coast yesterday after a great four-mile run in my childhood neighborhood. I still remember the seniors on the high school cross-country team coming to my house when I was a freshman trying out for the team to pick me up to go running together. (I got injured that year and couldn’t run, but in the summer I was trying to get in shape to make the team). Yesterday I ran the same loop those girls took me around on, almost thirty years ago. It still works.

And then I got on the first of two airplanes to make my way across the country after a triumphant voyage eastward that included two road races, one new personal best on the Boston Marathon course (not my marathon best, but the best performance I’ve had on the crazy hills and undulations of that particular road race), a great day at the ASJA (American Society for Journalists and Authors) conference in New York City, a wonderful surprise wedding shower for my dear cousin in Tarrytown, NY, and happy visits all around.

You knew it was time for the official letdown from all of that, right? Yup. That would be today.

So, now what?

Sifting through email and snail mail. Paying bills I need to pay before the end of the month. Getting myself situated. Unpacking. Putting my awesome new race numbers onto my race number chain that I create every year from all of the races I enter. (It’s fun to watch it grow throughout the year).

And then…yikes. If we’re not careful, inertia can set in. And then…oh, the bad habits. Those can start up again, too.

So today, there will be a workout – if only a calm and happy yoga class, or a walk (or a walk to and from my yoga class). It’s a way for me to say to this monkey mind that likes to perch itself on my shoulders from time to time: Welcome home. You’re only a third of the way through 2014. And that means that your Every48 promise is still happening. You still have stuff to do.

Here are a few of the things I’ll do this week to make sure I’m on target to stay focused on my goal of working out vigorously at least once every 48 hours for the remainder of 2014:

1. Make a list of the work/life hacks I collected on my trip eastward. There were a bunch that I want to make part of my usual M.O., like tracking the expenses for my business a bit differently, contacting new editors often, and generating new writing ideas and acting on them quickly.

2. Decide on my next race – and my next marathon. Right now I’m thinking a half-marathon in early June that would make for a nice overnight trip with my hubby for the “next race” – and the Portland or Victoria, BC marathon for the next marathon (read: the next Boston qualifying attempt).

3. Look at the kitchen. Notice the dearth of fresh fruit and vegetables. Remedy the situation with a grocery trip. Stock the house with healthy food. And then put together a nice meal plan for the next couple of days so that eating healthfully is a no-brainer. That will do for now.

And, oh yes, a workout. I’m tempted by a 4:30 p.m. yoga class today. But we’ll see what happens.

Recent #every48 workouts: Friday was NYC day, so I was walking a lot. Before leaving for the city I did a 12-minute Daily Dozen routine from Fit by Nature. Saturday: 45 minutes of moderate cardio on the elliptical at the hotel gym in New York. Sunday: A 4-mile run in my hometown on the old 2-mile loop I used to run for cross-country practice. Blissful first post-Boston Marathon run.

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