The March Stats Report: From Sprints to Endurance

“!!!!!!!!” only lasts for so long. Keep moving.

Just like life, building a blog and an audience for it is a marathon, not a sprint.
Just like life, building a blog and an audience for it is a marathon, not a sprint. (Image courtesy

At a wonderful writing seminar I attend every year in Los Angeles, we spend three days around a table working to help each other identify not only our professional and personal strengths, but our passions for where we really want to go with our careers.

We leave jazzed and excited. There are lots of exclamation points in the follow-up emails we send to each other in the ensuing weeks. And inevitably, the excitement slowly fades away, and we hear from each other once in a while. Some people make major career breakthroughs; others go back to the safe and the comfortable and the known quantity of what their lives were before that weekend, and we don’t hear from them again.

I like to use a running metaphor to explain the difference between the “!!!!!!” emails and real, complicated life. This thing is a marathon, not a sprint. And so it was with the March stats at Every48.

There was a wonderful “personal best” – the largest number of unique visitors in the three-month history of the blog. There was a bummer of a number – the overall page views were less than they were in February.

And there were some awesome personal stories. I had six different people come up to me one day at my Rotary Club meeting and tell me how much the blog meant to them personally, on a day when everything else in my professional life was going a little haywire.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m writing this for you. That’s my bottom line. I’m super-thrilled that you’re here. And that’s worth an exclamation point or two in my book.

I share the statistics from the blog and my workouts on a monthly basis because I think that when we pay attention to measuring progress, things go better. There’s a saying out there: “We treasure what we measure.” I’ve learned that writing down what we eat leads to increased awareness. I’ve learned that having a plan written down leads to actually executing on that plan. I’ve learned that numbers matter. And so it is with building a vision. I share these numbers with you to inspire you to keep plugging, even when your goals seem far away. Keep moving.

Here are the March 2014 stats for Every48

  • Number of countries who have visited the blog since inception: 19
  • Unique visitors in March: 260 – the PR!
  • Page views in March: 467. Lower than February. Solution: I’m working on a few new features to make the blog more searchable, more usable, and more useful to more people. Stay tuned.
  • And a somewhat relevant number: My Twitter followers increased a bunch as well. It’s one of the ways I send out the links to Every48 posts. Happy to have everyone here!

Most Popular Posts in March:

  1. Every race has a lesson.
  2. Sometimes the world just goes nuts.
  3. Fitness meme of the week: “On good days, I work out…”
  4. Sometimes, you just have to conjure up your inner badass.

March Workout Stats

Total workouts in March: 21

What I learned in March: Swimming is fun. And even more fun with a group.
What I learned in March: Swimming is fun. And even more fun with a group. (Image courtesy

Swimming: 8 (with my triathlon class)
Spinning: 1
Running: 7* (more on this below). Total miles for March: 64.8
Zumba: 1
Fast Walking: 1
Strength Training: 1 (a cross-training class at my gym – combo of weights and cardio)
Yoga/Pilates: 2

My takeaways from March: (1) I like group exercise; I showed up for every swim class. (2) I don’t like running alone anymore – I need a group situation for training for my next marathon. (3) I don’t train strength or flexibility enough. Need to address that one going forward.

Oh, and my weekly weigh-in’s at Weight Watchers were solid: three of five weigh-in’s were within my goal range, and the other two were just slightly higher. Overall, a good month in that category.

*A note about my March running workouts.

Yes, I’m running the Boston Marathon two weeks from today. And a total of 7 running workouts the month before a major marathon, with a total distance of 64.8 miles, isn’t going to cut it. And I know that.

March was a very touch work month – one that taught me a lot of lessons about putting my health first, no matter what else is going on. Ideally, I needed 12 or 13 running workouts in March to be ready to run my best in Boston.

So I’ve done the only thing that’s advisable in situations like this: I’m adjusting my expectations. I ran a 1:55 half-marathon two weeks ago. That translates to around a 4:10 marathon if all were to go really well. But I’m going to give myself even more slack in Boston, just to be sure I finish the race safely.

I’ll go out at 10-minute pace and see how it goes – that would get me to the finish line around 4:20. It won’t be my worst marathon (hopefully), but it won’t be my best. And that’s the way it goes. Onward. I’ll choose a fall marathon in a few weeks, and I’ll look for a way to train consistently with a group. That seems to go a little better for me these days.

“1-2-3-What’s Next!”

That was the Seahawks’ final locker room cheer after Super Bowl 48. Always looking ahead. I love that idea.

What’s next is that Every48 has officially made the mental switch from sprinting to marathoning. Building the audience for the blog will take time.

You can help.

Please spread the word among your social networks. Subscribe to the blog by “following” it (there’s a small link in the bottom right-hand corner of the blog where you can enter your email address and get every new post in your email box). Tweet about it. Talk about it. Send me feedback or add a comment about what you’re looking for.

And always keep moving. We’re in this together.

Recent #every48 workouts: Saturday – gardening! Not an official cardio workout but I got outside for an hour of starting to prep my garden for the spring planting season. Sunday – a run. Not the long run I wanted – I was scheduled for 20 miles but I’ve been exhausted recently, so I did a BTN workout of 6 miles and will try to get a little more distance in this week.

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