Fitness Meme of the Week: Keep Looking Up

I don’t suppose you’ve noticed that I’ve had a bear of a week.

But I hope you’ve noticed something kind of interesting about it: I didn’t give up on my workouts.

And today, I kind of feel like this:

I want to do a Snoopy happy dance today.
I want to do a Snoopy happy dance today.

And this:

Snoopy is a smart little pup. Even when everyone around you is looking down, keep your head up and your demeanor calm. Stuff will work itself out.
Snoopy is a smart little pup. Even when everyone around you is looking down, keep your head up and your demeanor calm. Stuff will work itself out.

And so that’s my fitness meme of the week. Because yesterday, after a week of feeling like I was being hit over the head with a baseball bat while being simultaneously expected to drive a Formula 1 car at Niki Lauda-style speed, negotiating a new racetrack as though I had driven it a thousand times before, the clouds parted. There was resolution. People shifted their viewpoints, got creative, realized we all wanted things to work out for the best. We moved forward. We’re back on track.

And I get to look back on this week for the rest of my life saying that I now know, no matter what happens when the rest of the world goes nuts, I’m going to be able to trust myself to take care of myself. And that’s a skill set that goes so far beyond the importance of any race time that it almost has no words.

My dad died in part because his coping mechanisms were so tempting, so comforting for the moment – yet so unhealthy. The worst thing we can do in a moment of stress is to create more stress – but often, that’s exactly what happens. Someone I knew when I was in grad school had a big fancy job at a San Francisco financial firm and they had some super-cool guy who specialized in hostage negotiations come in to train them one time. This guy told the group that the things you’re most likely to want to do if your loved ones are being held hostage are exactly the things that are most likely to get them killed.

Whoa, that was intense.

But it’s true. In a heated moment, we are absolutely most likely to do the worst possible thing.

That’s why, in the grand scheme of things, this week rocked the house. Because, for the most part, I chose the positive, looking-up route. I chose not to miss an every48 workout. I chose to run 18 miles on Sunday – my best long run in a good long time – and to run a fast 7-miler last Friday at a season-best pace. And now, I know I’ll be able to pull off that stunt again and again. This is why we are tested – to figure out how to navigate the storms.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: 50 minutes with the triathlon swim team (I was a little late to class – had to take a work call). Cool new swim drills from our substitute coach, a badass Aussie who can outswim us all with one stroke. Our usual coach is on Maui (!) coaching a triathlon group this week.

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  1. John Hamer says:

    Great post, Nicole. I didn’t have nearly as tough a week as you did, but I worked out every day — and it totally made me want to do the Snoopy Dance, too. Keep it up!


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