Fitness Meme of the Week: First Things First

first things first words

First things first. That’s today’s theme, and today’s meme.

When things were tough, I used to give up. Today, I went out for a seven-mile run and smashed my personal best on that particular course. Because I put first things first: my fitness and health habits give me the strength to  address whatever else the day brings. Today’s a hard day. We get those sometimes. I have a high school friend with ALS, another high school friend whose daughter needs expensive medication, and others who are struggling. Our struggles are all personal. But taking care of ourselves in the midst of those struggles really, really helps.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

Recent #every48 workouts: 3/6/2014 – SWIM – a one-hour triathlon swimming class. 3/7/2014 – a 7-mile tempo run. Smashed my PR. And I needed that today.

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