I was mad at the world and I exercised anyway. Full report below.

Oh, yes. This is exactly what I felt like yesterday afternoon. And I had to work out anyway. Oh joy.
Oh, yes. This is exactly what I felt like yesterday afternoon. And I had to work out anyway. Oh joy.

Oh, you did not want to be near me yesterday afternoon.

There was a work mess-up, the result of a missed deadline for an application by yours truly, because the folks in question moved the goalpost from what it had been in previous years, and all of a sudden I’m looking down the barrel of a missed work opportunity and thinking to myself, woe is me! And then, I had to accept the fact that I was standing there on a Seattle street, where it was of course raining, and I had a gym bag in my hand, and that’s because I still had to get in yesterday’s workout. And I even had a wrench in the works: I had to figure out how to get to the Seattle location of my Bellevue gym, which involved a bus I hadn’t taken before.

And all of this is essential, because I’m running the Boston Marathon in six and a half weeks. Fantastic.

When life gives you lemons…just deal.

When life gives you lemons...just deal. Like these lil' pups. Isn't this the cutest picture ever?
When life gives you lemons…just deal. Like these lil’ pups. Isn’t this the cutest picture ever? See more of this artist’s work here.

Such is the life of a person who has decided that for this entire year, she will not make excuses when it is time to work out. She will just…ahem…deal. Like an actual adult human being. She’ll deal.

Well, I dealt, all right – right up until the moment I stepped on the gym treadmill for what was supposed to be six repeats of 800 meters each at “Yasso 800” pace – that’s the eternally nifty trick that Bart Yasso at Runner’s World invented a while back. If you want to run a 3:45 marathon, you run your 800-meter repeats in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Four-hour pace goal? Four minutes per 800. It’s very cool. And I was ready to do them…until the treadmill started. That’s when I just wanted to throw the treadmill out the window. And…wait for it…quit.

So I played a serious mind game. I said, okay chickadee. You ran a 15-kilometer (9.3 mile) race on Sunday. You are now going to run your 800’s at the same speed that you ran that entire race. That should feel extremely easy (especially since this is a flat treadmill, and that race was on some serious hills). And you are going to stay on this treadmill for 60 minutes, so you can either do easy 800’s or just walk and listen to power ballads, but you’re not leaving this gym until you’ve been on this ‘mill for 60. Got it?

I got it. I went into it kicking and screaming. And giving myself the total out of just doing the 800s at a very workable pace actually did the trick. By the end of the hour, I did a one-mile tempo run just for fun – and kept increasing the speed – and eventually hit the speed I would have hit had I done all of my Yasso 800’s correctly from the start.

So there, lemons and Hulk-like frustrations. Gotcha.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: A one-hour run with walk breaks on the treadmill – either four or five 800-meter repeats (I lost count), and one mile at tempo pace. Total of 5.78 miles covered in 60 minutes.

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