The February Stats Report

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Yes! Two months into it, and Every48 is indeed going strong.
Yes! Two months into it, and Every48 is indeed going strong.

Two months in and Every48 is going strong! All that, and even though I seriously skimped on my long runs for Boston this month (a combination of weather, travel, and a certain football game), I still kept my promise to exercise at least once every 48 hours, decently strenuously, for about an hour.

Here’s the thing about statistics: if we use them well, they show us some things. I’ve heard this phrase several times: “We treasure what we measure.” That’s one reason I pay attention to certain things, like how often I work out, my running mileage (especially in the run-up to a marathon, where workouts are critical), and how I eat. I also weigh myself once a week, which I just learned this week is a habit that 75% of people who lose weight and keep it off over the long term do as well. Nice stuff.

So, about statistics. A month ago we were marveling at the ridiculous stats the Seahawks put up in the Super Bowl. Today, we get to enjoy the NFL Films version of events, which premiered on Monday night in Belltown (who do you have to know to get a ticket to these things, by the way?). And we get to check out the second month of stats from Every48 and this 2014 promise I made to myself to get out there and after it, exercising hard at least once every 48 hours this year.

Here’s what happened in February:

Number of workouts – 18
Running workouts – 10 (8 outdoor, 2 on treadmill) – 65.78 miles total
Indoor bike workouts – 6 (of which 1 was a class – Flywheel Larchmont in L.A.)
Zumba classes – 1 (that was one of my promises from January)
Yoga classes – 0. Whoops. Gotta do better in March.
Strength-based classes (Pilates, weight classes, etc.) – 0. Another place where I need to improve in March.
Home (DVD) workouts – 1. There was one day I just couldn’t get out the door, so I popped a DVD in the computer and got it done that way.

And now, the February stats for the blog:

Number of visitors in February  – 254
Improvement from January – 62% increase (was 157 in January)

Number of page views in February – 526
Improvement from January – 68% increase (was 313 in January)

Number of countries whose Internet surfers have visited the blog this year – 15. This includes the Bahamas, Liberia, and Egypt!

Number of blog followers on – 13. (You know that you can subscribe to the blog, right? Then you’ll get an email every time there’s a new post. Check out to do that.)

And my favorite blog posts of the month: The Post-Workout Shower, You are a Laboratory of One, and – who could forget? – the Tummy Texts. I’ll never look at a basket of fried chips the same way again.

Even more to come in March. Stay tuned! And please share this blog with your friends and family – anyone who needs a little push (or a big push) to get out the door and work out on a regular basis. Questions? Please send them my way in the comment section of the blog and I’ll be sure to address them either privately or in a future blog post.

Pilates did not really make me feel like this. But I thought it would. And I sure was sore the next morning. I'll have to keep working on this skill set.
Pilates did not really make me feel like this. But I thought it would. And I sure was sore the next morning. I’ll have to keep working on this skill set.

Recent #every48 workouts: A double on Monday – my first this year! An early morning (6:15 a.m.) cross-training class at the gym, and an evening Mat Pilates class, which was way harder than I expected it would be. I didn’t quite turn into a pretzel, but boy, was I sore on Tuesday morning! Speaking of Tuesday, I jumped in the pool! A one-hour swim workout with my gym’s triathlon swim class, about which I’ll write more very soon.

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