Keeping accountable: Get your friends involved

Yes, friends. This is what I am asking for right now.
Yes, friends. This is what I am asking for right now.

I gave myself a virtual kick in the pants earlier today. I told my Facebook community that it’s eight weeks until the Boston Marathon (technically, seven weeks and four days as of this morning), and I need them to keep me seriously accountable to my training and self-care during this time, because I want to show up in Boston on April 21 in the best shape of my life.

I’ve worked out with groups in the past and they’ve often been great. I’m not doing that right now due to scheduling issues, but I’m starting to think it’s a really, really good idea to get back into a group training environment, because it does push me, and it does make me want to move more, go harder, and all of the rest.

But sometimes, despite every good intention in the book, I find reasons to dial back on my planned workouts when I’m doing them alone. After all – nobody’s looking, right? I can get away with a little less effort, one fewer lap, one fewer set of push-ups. Right?

One week ago today, I sat on a spin bike at Flywheel’s Larchmont location in Los Angeles. Forty-five minutes later, I had pushed myself harder than I’d been pushed in a really long time. They have a “Torq board” that shows how hard you’re working compared to your peers, and great instructors who know how to motivate. They’re not the only rodeo in town, of course – we all have to pick our own flavor of motivation – but on that day, they rocked my world. And I needed it.

There are bunches of studies out there that validate this idea – the most recent one I found this morning was from Virgin Active Health Clubs. The findings suggested that working out with someone else resulted in greater effort and a longer overall workout than going it alone.

When I really need the company, I’ll go to a Zumba or yoga class to get some of that group mojo going – even when my work schedule makes it hard to set a time for a regular fitness date with a friend. With Boston just two months away, I’m feeling it now. It’s time to get the mojo going full steam ahead. You can bet I’ll be putting in frequent requests to friends and family to keep my motivation going – and, when I can get out there with my buds, to be pushing it hard because my friends are around to keep me accountable, motivated, and ready to rumble.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: “Despite my best efforts” (which, as we all know, is just a pretty phrase that provides another way of making excuses), I didn’t get my run in, even though it was on my “to-do” list. I biked on Tuesday so all is well – and today, Thursday, I will get that run in. No. Matter. What.

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