The January stats report

How do you measure progress?

If there’s one thing we learned last night at Super Bowl 48, it’s that statistics don’t always tell the whole story. Peyton Manning set a record for pass completions in a Super Bowl (34) and Demariyus Thomas set a record for most receptions (13). And if those were the only two things a crystal ball had told you was going to happen before the game started and you were part of the 12th Man, you would have thought….yikes.

Seattle 43. Denver 8. What in the name of Russell Wilson happened last night?

Now, these are some meaningful statistics.
Now, these are some meaningful statistics.

The ‘Hawks have handed me material for six months’ worth of blogs on the importance of consistency, dedication and focus when setting long-term goals. Also, the importance of having fun – even (maybe especially) at work. I’ll have much more to say about all of those topics in future posts.

For this morning, the first post of February 2014 at Every48, I’m reflecting on the stats from this past month. They’re really nice, considering that I’ve just been posting on my social media accounts and hoping somebody besides me needed the push to get out there and exercise at least once every 48 hours.

I’m also reflecting on the statistics that don’t necessarily matter quite as much. Sometimes I’ll see people who are looking to lose weight put all of the importance on what the scale says week to week (or day to day) and think that that’s the important stat. I’ve long since realized that my bodyweight fluctuates, even in a healthy range, so that any one uptick or downtick is far less important than the healthy habits I have in place in my life to support my overall health.

These are the stats I really like: In January, I logged 19 cardio workouts, 18 of which were strenuous (the other one was a power walk last Friday). I took 4 yoga classes. I went to the gym 9 times, ran 91.46 miles (thank you, Garmin, for the accuracy to the second decimal point). I didn’t take any “fun” classes like Zumba or another dance class, even though I love to dance. That will be rectified in February.

But I do want to note one thing on the “weight” stat. As a result of all of the habits I tracked above, I maintained a really healthy weight for my height and build, consistently, all month long. The specifics of those stats stay inside the kimono, because I don’t want anyone else thinking they have to hit a certain “number” to be healthy. My weight and bodyfat (according to my trusty Tanita scale) are well within the healthy ranges for a woman of my age, height, and build. They’re a little different day to day, depending on a few variables here and there, but overall, it’s a healthy range. And I can feel it. I’m usually fighting with a couple of pounds here or there, especially after the holidays, but this January has been the overall healthiest month I’ve had in quite some time. I like that.

Now, on to the stats for Every48 in January 2014:

1- Months this blog has been in existence

19 – Posts written

157 – Unique visitors

313 – Page views

9 – Countries from which the 157 visitors arrived  (U.S., Canada, Russia, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Romania, Finland)

The “most viewed post” for those of you clicking on a post title was “The BTN Workout.” And my two favorite posts – the ones that got me back out there and after it  – were “I ate badly yesterday” and “If you wish you were Russell Wilson, read this post right now.”

It’s Monday morning and the ‘Hawks are Super Bowl champions of the most lopsided game I’ve seen this side of the ’85 Chicago Bears – and I only knew about them because William “The Refrigerator” Perry transcended football to become a cultural icon. And most of the guys will come home soon to an off-season and, likely, a letdown – the same way all of us here will now say, wow, that was fun. Now what?

February is the “now what.” Here, I’ll be setting new goals and getting out there after it. Hope that you have a great, great post-Super Bowl Monday. Thank you for supporting the blog in January. There’s much more to come.

Recent #every48 workouts: Friday 1/31 – a power walk in the park. Saturday 2/1 – a ride on the spin bike at the gym (50 minutes total: 5 warmup, 40 @ 90 RPMs, moderate pace, 5 cooldown). Sunday 2/2 – day off. (I had a long run planned but woke up with a funny tummy, so I took a rest day.)

Best Super Bowl Coverage:The MMQB. It’s not even close. Thank you Peter King and the great SI team for fabulous coverage all season.

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