The Big Picture

This whole year-long effort is about the big picture. There are just lots and lots of little brushstrokes that form it, and every single one of them has something to teach me.

This is a big picture.
This is a big picture. A very, very big picture.

Here is what I know for certain: I like feeling healthy. I feel healthiest when I’m active. I feel least healthy when I tell myself I’m active, and then look at my exercise journal at the end of any given week and see all of the workouts I’d planned but postponed – or just ignored – or just thought “I have this work thing to do first…”

Exercise is a “work thing.” Just sayin’.

The #every48 effort is born of a 2013 (and, yikes, 2012) workout journal where too much stuff just didn’t get done. I wanted to work out but didn’t, or I was injured but couldn’t (ahem, didn’t) find alternate exercises that would work for me, or…you know how it goes.

Here’s my favorite quote about Richard Sherman from this past week (who is adored in Seattle right now, I think as much for the fact that he stands up for himself and his team and city vocally, as for the fact that he made the play that got the Seahawks to Super Bowl 48):

“He likes writing checks that he’s going to have to cash.”

I think I heard that on First Take, the ESPN show, this week where Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless (Sherman’s favorite interviewer <grin>) were discussing the Sideline Interview Heard ‘Round the World from Sunday’s NFC championship game. I’ll try to find the exact quote soon. (GlobalGrind got the story too.)

But that’s the idea. If you put it out there and make a promise to get something done, suddenly it’s out there in the world. And you have to be able to cash the check.

When, after many years of being overweight (a little or a lot), I finally decided that this was it, I was going to figure this thing out once and for all – I did something a bit out of character. I told everybody. EVERYBODY.

If you know me even a little bit, you’ve seen my before and after photos on the “About the Blog” page. I give corporate talks about being healthy in the workplace in which I tell my story: my father passed away when I was 19 from heart disease brought on by obesity…I thought I was genetically destined to be heavy…I realized at age 36 that I didn’t have bad genes, I was just eating too much, especially of those “edible food-like products” as Michael Pollan so aptly describes processed junk foods…I made a decision to learn about decent nutrition and regular exercise….and, Poof!

It took longer than I wanted it to take. But it happened, because of a lot of little brush strokes.
It took longer than I wanted it to take. But it happened, because of a lot of little brush strokes.

(Well, not “poof” exactly – about ten months top to bottom for the major weight loss, and another five pounds went away over time. Thank you SparkPeople for the calendar and time graphic. Patience it did take, oh yes it did.)

And so here we are today, at age 42, wearing a cutie-cute size 2 dress and sitting in a downtown Seattle Starbucks finishing up my daily #every48 blog entry so that it will be published on schedule at 10 a.m. Pacific time every weekday – my promise to you.

So it’s about the big picture. Maybe everything isn’t perfect in your life today, but you can go for a speed walk. Maybe a meal goes a little haywire – but where you used to throw in the towel and eat the world until tomorrow, or “Monday” (ah, the proverbial Monday), now you start again with the next moment and work at making health decisions for yourself that work.

Football is a 60-minute game – and if the Hawks had given up after the first five minutes of Sunday’s game when they gave up a possession on a fumble and allowed a San Francisco field goal, we’d all have something else to do on February 2.

Health is a lifetime sport. If we take it one little brushstroke at a time, even when we fumble around a bit, we have a great chance to create a masterpiece when it’s all said and done.

Now get out there and work out.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: REST DAY. I realized yesterday that I was seriously exhausted, so my run (a tempo session at a local park) will happen today.

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