Writer’s Block

It’s 8:17 a.m. on Wednesday, January 22 as I write these words and I can’t think of a single thing to say this morning because my head is already in my workday, which is going to be a big ‘un, as they say. Running workout to come this afternoon when this morning Seattle fog lifts. Might we see the sun today for just a moment or two today, O Seattle  Weather Goddess? Please?

Writer’s block does not mean exerciser’s block. And sometimes a good workout is the best antidote.

Today’s lesson: writer’s block does not have to mean exerciser’s block. Yesterday was a whale of a workday for all kinds of reasons, and there came a point when I literally felt I had to move…or else. Sitting still was no longer an option. Even though it took a certain amount of organizational acumen to get my gym bag packed reasonably, I dedicated myself to the task and got to the gym and just showed up. Then fiddled with a new-ish spin bike I hadn’t tried before, and had a few trial-and-error minutes of getting used to the gear shift mechanism on this particular model. Finally, I got moving.

The interesting part is that it only took about 20 minutes of workout time before my mind had shifted from the busyness of the day to the work at hand and the pump and the energy and the very real sense of aliveness I get every time I do a hard aerobic workout.

It was hard to take that first step because I was tired but also stoked – there was a nifty e-mail nibble from an editor I’d love to work with sometime, and yes, we’re still all aglow with Super Bowl excitement here in the great Pacific Northwest. But the commitment has been made. A year of making sure I go no more than 48 hours without a hard aerobic workout of an hour or so.

There was a point yesterday when I doubted my ability to be organized enough to get that workout in.  But I got it in anyway. We thrive on routines and habits. (Personally, I also thrive on a gym membership that provides towels and shampoo so that I don’t have to remember my own.) Yesterday’s workout got into the books. And that was yesterday.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: BIKE at the gym – 55 minutes total (45 at about 95 RPMs, moderate pace).

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