The photo that gets me out there, every time

Quick post today – lots of work to do, and a bike or row at the gym to fit in this afternoon (it will be a game time decision).

A favorite quote:

We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Cooper Institute

Would you like to see the photo that gets me out there, working out consistently, whenever I feel like I just want to stay home and do “something else”? (Invariably the “something else” involves a screen of some sort: a computer or TV or tablet.)

Here it is:


This is what exercise does to the aging process. It basically stops it – or delays it really significantly for a very long time.

By the way, I love the title of the study that first published these photographs – “Chronic Exercise Preserves Lean Muscle Mass in Masters Athletes.”

Chronic Exercise.

First time I’ve heard the word “chronic” applied to anything except a serious (read: bad) medical condition. This is the “picture is worth a thousand words” moment of the Every48 blog project.

Or maybe it’s worth just a few words. But those words could save your life.

“Get out there, and get after it.”

(Thanks to for putting these photos together from the study that first used these pictures. The study in its entirety can be found here.)

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: A day of active rest. I took a one-hour hot yoga class for a good stretch after last week’s running.

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