Yesterday was better. Now, back to business.

This will be a quick check-in because I have to fit in my #every48 workout this morning before a busy, busy day.

Back to business.

Rice Krispies treats
They’re lovely. But I don’t eat them as a meal anymore – just a “treat.” Because that’s their name.

Yesterday was really good, with healthy meals and an excellent 60-minute spinning class to start the day. I felt sluggish getting out of bed yesterday, hadn’t slept well after some inappropriate meal action the day before, and because of that, experienced way too much of a flashback to a bygone era where work deadlines and general stress would have me subsisting on sugary snacks for weeks on end.

Nine years ago, I wrote my graduate thesis for my master’s degree in Chinese while subsisting on Rice Krispies treats. Seriously. One tray per day. I kid you not. I am amazed that my body survived the onslaught of marshmallows. But it did – which shows you how strong our bodies really are, as long as we start treating them well when we awaken from our slumber.

I'm feeling better today. Like the girl on the cover of this book. Ready to run.
I’m feeling better today. Like the girl on the cover of this book. Ready to run.

Last  night I slept soundly. Today I awoke easily. I’m munching my healthy breakfast as I write this. In two hours I’ll fit in my workout – a seven-mile tempo run – between meetings and deadlines. And that will be that.

I feel like the girl on the cover of this book. (Looks like a great book, by the way!)

So here’s the moral of the story. Some days, getting lost in the emotions of “why did I do that to myself?” just isn’t worth it. Some days, it’s about having a routine to pull yourself up out of the rabbit hole.

We all fall in sometimes. How do you get yourself out? Find your way. Get your workouts in. No matter what.

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