Time, Part 2: “That time” of year.

Once upon a time, during a conversation in December, amidst all the holiday temptations and treats, somebody said it was so hard to take care of themselves because “it’s that time of year.”

A wise sage in the same conversation piped up and replied: “It’s always ‘that time of year.'”

Thank you, O Wise Sage, for speaking the truth.

Gandalf_Wise Sage

It’s always that time of year. It’s always a holiday or a birthday or a work deadline, or you didn’t sleep well last night or you didn’t wake up well because it’s pitch black outside in Seattle until 9 a.m. in the winter. Or it’s the NFL championships and suddenly your Seahawks are right in the middle of it and eating that big soft pretzel at the sports bar will definitely help Russell Wilson with his completion percentages. There is always time to say it’s “that time” of year.

In other words, a time to let workouts go by the wayside.

Not this year. Not in 2014.

It was easy to think up the #every48 campaign when it was January 1, a sunny Wednesday in Portland, Oregon where we got away for a few days. It was easy to get moving the rest of the week while everyone else was still sleeping off the holiday food coma. Then we hit January 6, the first working Monday of the New Year, and suddenly it felt like “that time of year” all over again.

Here is my pledge and my promise to you, and to all the wise sages around us.

Yoda_Wise SageBy blogging this effort, I hope to create momentum around your intentions too. All of us together. Exercising hard – hard enough that you notice your heart is beating faster than it does at rest, hard enough that saying more than a sentence at once is difficult – for about an hour, every other day (or so) is a really, really good thing to do for our long-term physical health. Not to mention our short-term mental health. Every time I get out to move my body, I get a new idea about a writing or consulting project – or a great opener for a new keynote talk – or an insight into a difficult situation – or some great scenery. (Try running across a bridge with a fabulous view of Mt. Rainier – something I can do regularly. As long as, ahem, I actually get out the door to do the workout.)

So there you go. It’s always “that time of year.” Time to take those 60 minutes every other day and log a workout, and then get back to the grind refreshed and positive, no matter how many grumpy folks, work deadlines, bad sleeping nights, or stressful football games surround you.

Yesterday: An active rest day. I took a one-hour yoga class at my gym for a good stretch and meditation. Have you guessed yet that yesterday was “not perfect”? Yup. Got the class in anyway.

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