It’s time.

What’s the secret in making time for workouts?

hourglassThis year, I’m making that a very simple process. I just do them.

I ask myself, “How much time do I really need to get this done?” and then I look at how much time I’m spending on things that I don’t really need to be doing. Carving out 60 minutes (give or take), every 48 hours, to do the one thing that’s going to pay huge dividends not only today but over the course of my entire life, suddenly gets really, really simple.

Sometimes I think of life like an hourglass: there are only a set amount of years in our life, so we need to spend them wisely. But I’ve realized that time changes when we decide to make regular physical activity a part of our lives. We might get more sand in the hourglass (longevity).

But we also might get something that an hourglass can’t express: increased quality of the time we have here on Planet Earth surrounded by our friends, families and the wonders of the natural world. But we have to get out the door in order to see them.

Time Runner

Here’s an example of how my brain works these days. Yesterday was Sunday, January 12. I’m two weeks into a 16-week buildup program for the Boston Marathon, which I run for charity (this will be my fourth consecutive year running that race). I know I have to get in a 10-mile workout today, which will take about an hour and 40 minutes. But I didn’t get up early enough to fit it in before the 49ers-Panthers game and besides, it’s soooooo easy to just flip on the TV and sit on the couch and get super-involved in watching some other people do amazing physical feats instead of actually doing them myself. It would be hard to overstate how tempting it was to just stay on that couch all afternoon.

So when that game was over, I had a serious choice to make. Either turn on the DVR to record the second game of the day, the Broncos-Chargers matchup, and get my weather-appropriate running clothes on…or, sit on the couch. I’m embarrassed to admit the number of times I made the latter choice, even during marathon training season.

But today, I’m running. That’s all I know.

At the end of that football game I know: it’s time to go out and just do it. It’s hard because there’s so many things that are so enticing here at home (not to mention chores to do, bills to pay, work to catch up on…) It’s really easy to say “I’ll exercise later.” But more often than not, “later” just doesn’t come. When I think about all of the time that I spend not getting things done, it’s pretty interesting and pretty compelling to realize that we basically do exactly what we choose to do. In order to keep my #every48 pledge for 2014, I just need to get out there, prioritize, and get it done. And I did.

Yesterday’s #every48 workout: Running outdoors – 10 miles at easy pace. Weather – gray and a bit windy, around 50 degrees, no rain.

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