Dress for Success

Shalane Flanagan_Boston_Jan 2014There’s a crazy cold wave on the East Coast right now. And thousands of people training in Boston right now for the Boston Marathon – including elite marathoner Shalane Flanagan, who will compete to win the whole race in April. The Boston Marathon organization (my heroes forever, and not just because of what happened last year – they’re a class act organization that puts on an amazing set of races every year) posted this photo of Shalane at left on their Twitter account this week – and what can I say? Wow, Shalane. That’s gutsy stuff. See you in April!

So, about this weather thing: A bunch of people I know in Seattle are saying things right now like “I will never complain about another Seattle winter again…” because we’ve largely been spared the bitter cold. We just get gray rain – every year. And honestly? I’ve used “the weather” quite a few times in my day to keep myself from getting outdoors and exercising.

Funny thing is that when I do get myself outside, it’s always, always a win. It’s just so much easier to do it when I’m confident that I’ve protected myself from the cold.

The book I co-authored, Fit By Nature, includes lots of great information about dressing for the weather – no matter what the weather happens to look like that day. The group exercise program on which the book is based is well-known for going out into just about any weather, unless it’s truly dangerous (high winds or ice).

So on this January day, I pledge to dress for success. For someone like me with little hands, that means big gloves so that my fingers don’t turn into ice cubes. And that is okay.

#Every48 workouts this week:

12/29/2013 – Treadmill run at the hotel gym in Portland, OR – 5 miles; cooldown on the elliptical trainer (10 minutes)

12/31/2013 – Elliptical trainer at the same hotel gym – 45 minutes; lifting and stretching – 15 minutes; extra walking to and from Powell’s, the world’s best independent bookstore. Extra lifting by carrying the Hunger Games trilogy home from the bookstore, which I finally gifted myself after being mesmerized by the first two movies.

1/1/2014 – Outdoor run on the Portland waterfront – 6 miles. Dressed for success!

1/3/2014 – Bike at gym (back home in Seattle) – 50 minutes total (5 minute warmup; 40 minutes moderate pace at 90-95 RPM; 5 minutes cooldown)

1/4/2014 – Treadmill run at gym – 5.5 miles total (speed session – 3 x 1 mile at tempo pace with jog/walk in between, with 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown)

1/5/2014 – Easy day: swimming 20 x 25 yards kicking, with about 20 seconds rest in between laps.

1/6/2014 – Outdoor run in the dark at 4:50 p.m. – dressed for success! (Reflective vest, leggings, long running top, buff used as ear warmers) – 8.34 miles

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